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Peter Fox-Worthington

Licensee Salesperson

Peter Fox-Worthington has lived in Cambridge since 2004. He and his wife have brought up their two daughters in the community, and Peter is a committed St John Ambulance volunteer.

He has held his real estate salesperson licence since 2009, and has been working in the town ever since. 

“Over the years I’ve sold residential, commercial and lifestyle properties, many of them notable or significant to the Cambridge area,” says Peter.

Since 2019, Peter also sells outside the immediate Cambridge area and is enjoying widening his network by working with people from other towns.

With over $60 million in settled sales under his belt, Peter’s results confirm his commitment and dedication to “doing the right thing” for his clients.



“When I show you an apple, you get an apple, not a painted pear.”

Peter takes pride in his efforts to offer a “safe sale” for his vendors and buyers. He carefully researches all title and council documentation looking for boundary and compliance issues or any other legal or physical problems that could cause a house sale to fall over. To the best of his ability, he ensures this information is known to his vendors and available to prospective purchasers.


“If I say I’m going to do it, then it will get done.”

Once employed by a vendor, Peter puts all his energy into the campaign to sell the property. He updates his vendors, and communicates with them in a timely manner.


“When I look at a property, I imagine the buyer living there and adapt the marketing material accordingly.”

Peter knows how to attract the right buyers for a property. He will advise on any little jobs or changes that might be required prior to going to market. He knows how to use marketing to create a desire in people for a property.

Bringing people together

“It’s my job to find the buyer who really wants a property and then use my negotiating skills to bring the parties together.”

While he works for his vendors first and foremost, Peter knows that finding a purchaser who genuinely wants a property as their home means it is more likely that he can negotiate a result that leaves both parties happy.


“It’s not just about communication for me, but a deep understanding of my vendors’ needs and goals.”

Peter seeks to form a trusting relationship with his vendors so hard discussions during negotiation can be frank and open.

My Why

“Real Estate suits my personality and nature. I love people, houses and interiors. I have a genuine interest in people’s situations and love sharing in my vendor’s joy with their sale, and my purchaser’s happiness with their new home”